Q: Can I order these as a gift?

A: Yes! Prices are never included in packaging so you’re able to ship your gift directly to your destination. If leaving a gift message be sure to leave your message and who it’s from in the note to seller!

Q: Why is international shipping so expensive?

A: International shipping costs have risen in the past year, and there are additional custom fees that may be required. I want to repeat 100% of these costs go to the local post offices and I see none of it. That being said, I know it can be hard to invest so I always try to stuff my international orders with freebees to make it worth it. 

Q: How long til my order ships?

A: Approx. 4-7 business days. I ship items out once a week generally on Tuesdays. I always try to ship your order within a week!

Q: Will I receive tracking?

A: Yes! Every order comes with tracking. 

Q: How long do your watercolors last? 

A: This question is literally impossible to answer because everyone uses watercolor differently! My watercolors are able to last a long while!! but it ultimately depends on your water to paint ratio. For example, if you use more water with the pigment, it’ll last longer, but if you like using more pigment and less water, you’ll use up the pan faster. My pans contain a high pigment content so you are able to use more water!

A2: My watercolors don’t expire or have a certain shelf life! As long as you keep them dry and away from moisture use them for years to come. When kept wet, the honey inside may react after a year.

Q: Why the business name change????? 

A: See my shop story page! <3

Q: How do I become a brand rep?

A: Brand Reps are responsible for running the blog at The Smiling Hippo! It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there because I do promotions on all my social media platforms. Brand reps run for a three month term and applications open only once every three months or so (sometimes I take breaks). Join our email/SMS list to get a notification next time applications open. 

Q: Do your chunky watercolors rub off easily?

A: This depends! I have issues with certain glitters, other artists have issues with others… so it truly depends on a number of factors such as paper, amount of water, brush, etc… Here are a couple suggestions so you’re able to play safely! Don’t use glitter watercolors for cards/items that will be handled often. Use a spray adhesive over top your painting to insure everything stays in place. In addition, you can just use the chunky glitter colorways to play around in your sketchbook/have fun with! IF you find you’re having this problem often you’re likely using too much water. My base is naturally thicker so it helps hold the glitter in place, but too much water will spread it too thin and the glitter will have nothing to hold it down. Try using less water or a spray adhesive.