Birthday Cards - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Birthday Cards - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Hi there, painters! I have had such a great time writing these posts to share my favorite techniques and ways to use Waves of Expression paints. This is Heidi back again for my final post with you. Today I will share one last fantastic craft to brighten up with some metallic and glitter colorways. 

My last blog post was about the winter holiday season, but today I will be skipping to my next favorite holiday... my birthday! (sorry, Thanksgiving) My birthday is just in a few days and it made me think about greeting cards. Have you ever made a greeting card for someone? I would all the time when I was younger, but then I stopped making art for a while and bought cards. The last cards I made were beachy greeting cards, but today I want to show you how to make a fun birthday greeting card!

You will need the usual watercolor supplies-- brushes, paint, water, small towel-- plus maybe a pencil for sketching and either a pre-made watercolor greeting card or any piece of paper you want to make into a card. I had a spare 5x7 watercolor card lying around and used brushes sizes 8, 2, and a flat 3/4 inch.  Let’s make a colorful and crooked cake stack with dripping frosting and candles.

I painted the background and the cake layers with matte watercolor paint in a rainbow pallet. Use the flat brush to wet all the paper around the outline of the cake and then add the color. use the size 8 round brush to paint the slices of the cake and leave the frosting white.

Now add your favorite sparkling colorways. I accented the white frosting with the Pearl colorshift shade. For the candles I used the yellow, orange, and green shades from the galaxy mini pallet, the purple from the spring mini geodes, a blue sample shell that looks like Luisa, and one of my favorites: Disco.  

Whatever colorways you choose for your card, you will have a lovely handmade gift! I hope you enjoyed my posts these past three months sharing the joy of the Waves of Expression paints. Keep painting!

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