The Bridge Perspective

The Bridge Perspective

        I want you to envision a bridge, one that represents your own life’s journey. What is your bridge made out of? Where is it located? What is behind you? What is in front of you? What are some things on your bridge currently? Is there anything helping you across your bridge? 

For this exercise you will need a sketchbook (or paper), pencil, and chosen coloring materials (think about what your bridge is made of).

  • Sketch out your bridge on your paper horizontally. Thinking about the above questions, sketch out what came to mind.
  • Where are you on your bridge? Sketch out a representative of yourself.
  • Using your material of choice, color your piece using whatever colors you see fit.

For Reflection…

  • Where did you see yourself within your bridge (journey)?
  • What was your bridge made out of? Was it sturdy?
  • Were there more challenges in front of you or behind you? 
  • What’s one step you can take today to help remove a future challenge? 


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