Fluid Art - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Fluid Art - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog today for my final post of October. I am Heidi Stephens of The Jaded Creative (@the_jaded_creative on Instagram) and closing up this month I am feeling so grateful to be chosen as a guest blogger. I came upon The Smiling Hippo (soon after became The Waves of Expression) watercolors earlier this year after rededicating myself to pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist. It is only a little exaggeration to say they have helped me change my life. I really related to the goal written on the Waves of Expression website: “help you connect with your artistic style and truly get excited about creating once again.” She also gives us two important reminders: “creativity comes in waves” and “we all carry different forms of expression with us.”

Keep those in mind as today’s post goes over a popular art style that has helped me loosen up and get excited about creating, just as these gorgeous watercolors have. Let’s talk about fluid art! This is usually associated with acrylic pour painting, but it is definitely a technique that you can use with watercolor as well. For this I will be using: watercolor paper, a second (larger) paper to tape it to, two cups of water, a medium/large paintbrush (size 12+), and something to cover the workspace from drips. A cloth is also always handy to clean up possible puddles or spills. Keep one cup of water clean and do not wash any paint brushes in it.

First I choose 3-5 colors for my color pallet. For this I chose pinks and yellows with The Smiling Hippo “pumpkin” colorway and a gold shade from one of her ceramic heart pallets. Then, tape the paper you will be painting onto a larger piece of paper. You will need to lift the paper up so you don't want to tape it to your immovable workspace and taping it down helps keep the paper from curling. 

Next, using your clean water, pour some on your paper. Move it around a bit with your paintbrush to get it into a shape you like, leave some areas dry, or simply wet the entire paper. 

Then add colors. Since this is a wet-on-wet technique your paper will definitely be soaked. Don't be afraid to add more water to make the colors drip better. Pick your paper up to swirl the colors together. Keep adding color and moving the paper until you are happy with the design you have created!

I think it's so relaxing watching the color blend together. 

Sometimes I like to let it dry a bit and add another drip layer, but I did not on this particular painting. Look at that gorgeous metallic shimmer! Keep it taped until it is completely dry or it will buckle, like in mine here because I was too impatient and wanted to see my finished painting!

I hope this style of fluid art with watercolor helps you relax and go with the flow. I have three more posts to make on the Waves of Expression Blog, so stay tuned for more ideas to help unlock your creativity. And if you liked the colorways I used in today’s post here is my referral link to use for a discount

Have fun, painters! 

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