The Smiling Hippo

Created for the stuck, uninspired, and unmotivated. I created a brand of watercolors for one purpose alone… to put the joy and inspiration back into creating again!

So welcome my new friend, to Smiling Hippo Watercolors! Here I encourage you to let logic go and your creativity take over again. Buy the orange because it speaks to you!! (even though you have two sitting in your drawer at home…) Buy the pink even though you’ve never used pink in your artwork before. Get excited about your order and once it arrives, just let yourself create. Maybe that just looks like a simple wash or simple shapes and letting the colors work for you… but let go of your “style” and “standard” and let your inner self find joy in art once again. 

When you’re ready to start finding joy and inspiration in your art again, make sure to sign up for emails and SMS by hitting that pink button in the bottom left corner for a code that will get you an additional 10% off.