When To Add SPARKLE - from guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

When To Add SPARKLE - from guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

Because of my busy college/work/social life, I often times create in batches! Whenever I get the “itch” to paint, I sit down and make four or five pieces of art with the knowledge that I probably won't get another time to paint in a few months! 

This week's post will focus on adding a little extra to a painting “after the fact”!  This art piece was created a few months ago, and I framed and set it in my house for the last few months! It has kept catching my eye, and I keep going back to “it needs more!”...so here we are! 

As an artist, a lot of the time we are our biggest critics, and I noticed with this painting that I wanted a bit more to elevate it!

That’s where The Smiling Hippo watercolor paints came in handy! So I went to work with a thin paintbrush, and a lot of water (I’d like to remind you of one of my life mantras, if it is hard, add more water!).  I focused on adding the metallic paints for effect and went about it in a way that controlled the final outcome of my art. 

What you will need:

  1. The Smiling Hippo metallic watercolor paints in a color scheme that works best for the piece of art you are embellishing on.

I specifically went for a more metallic color with minimal chunks of glitter, this paint has a very fine glitter texture to it, and that was what I was going for…I would imagine a chunky glitter would be a very cool addition to a piece of art!

  1. A fine paintbrush, if you are working with a set of brushes that came in a pack, I would use the smallest one available for starters!
  2. A piece of art that you have been staring at for a while and thinking “it just needs a little more”
  3. A jar of clean water
  4. Paper towel sheets

Steps I take:

  1. On a separate piece of watercolor paper experiment for a few minutes with The Smiling Hippo Watercolor paints.
  2. Add the metallic paint in SMALL amounts, with a heavy amount of water to the bottom part of your piece of art. Keep in mind where your light source is in the painting. 
  3. Continue this process as you work up through your painting adding embellishments to all areas of your art! 
  4. You will know when you are done!  There isn’t really a specific trigger that I can explain to you, but when you feel like your art is done (the first time) listen to it! 
    1. Sometimes I go overboard and regret it, so listen to your inner artist brain and realize that you can always do this activity again after you have stared at it for a while!

This specific blog post is a bit different than my others because it is a risky and more cerebral activity! But with quality metallic paints like what The Smiling Hippo has to offer, it can take a piece of art to a different level! Not everyone adds or uses metallics in their art, and you could create a different perspective and focal points for those you plan on giving or selling your art to ( if that is something you do!). 

I would do this craft with a hydrated body, a clear mindset, and an end goal in mind! 

Be creative and courageous!  As always, post your art and send it to our DMs @thesmilinghippo and @happihippishop We have LOVED what you have been up to so far!  

See you in February for some Valentine’s Day love notes!

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