Space Stones - from guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

Space Stones - from guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

This week I am making “space stones”! 

These fast and unique creations are essentially pointless! But add them to cards with cheesy pickup lines like “you’re out of this world”...” comet me, bro!”...or any such PUN that makes you laugh!  

You can also adhere them to paper to make bookmarks, add them to your bullet journal, or tuck them aside for later crafts!  

Punching holes out of paper is one of the most satisfying things I can think of! And last week I focused on using the punched-out bits as swatching circles! This week I am focused more on “free painting” and using paints in a mindless way! This activity ranges in meditative painting, or detailed and intentional painting, you choose!

The point is to have fun, and take advantage of an essentially mindless activity…NO PRESSURE!

Here is what you need:

  1. Watercolor paper of your choice
  2. Glitter and Metallic watercolor paints…I used TheSmilingHippo “flower pallet”, as well as the “hippo pallet” as my choice for this art activity
  3. 1-inch paper punching tool
  4. Paintbrushes of your choice
  5. Clean water in a jar
  6. Paper towel sheets

I first punched out watercolor paper using my handy-dandy “one-inch paper puncher” (say that ten times fast), as used in the previous blog post! I use this thing a lot!

Next, I envisioned outer space and went to town using TheSmilingHippo’s metallic and glitter paints! I used the “Flower Pallet” specifically for the purple and gold tones! While doing this, I noticed the chunky glitter that was coming from the purple color and I used water and a paintbrush and mixed the color around for a solid minute to churn up ALL THE GLITTER! This allowed for the chunks to make it to the paper, and once I placed them down I set the “stone” for drying! It is best to let the glitter and paint dry for a bit!

Easy as that! I feel as though the possibilities are endless for this activity! Whether you have a specific planet in mind, or you’re predicting a new alien terrain, the Universe is your oyster! Add as much detail or as little as you would like! 

I think this activity is perfect for all ages and all levels of experience! I look forward to seeing your planets! This is a perfect craft to LAUNCH into 2023! (ha..ha... Get it?) 

Tag me @happihippishop and @thesmilinghippo WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR ART!

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