Painting Wooden Ornaments - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Painting Wooden Ornaments - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Since Halloween is over, now officially starts the countdown until the holidays! I am Heidi of The Jaded Creative (@the_jaded_creative on Instagram) back again today to get you ready for this festive time. I love the holiday season because it means decorating my house and making handmade gifts and cards for friends and family. In the past I have given all manner of crafts, from drawings and paintings to embroidery. This year I am excited to embellish my gifts with some festive, glittery paints from Waves of Expression!

This year I started making ornaments because I had some unfinished wood hearts lying around. My first tests turned out great, so I bought some traditional bauble shaped wooden cutouts. They turned out to be painted white, not unfinished like I thought, so instead of painting directly on the wood I painted them with watercolor ground first. 

Living near the ocean, of course I had to paint some beachy themes:

And mixed those with some traditional winter motifs:

To give them a finished look, I painted the top part and backs with metallic acrylic paint, sealed them with a spray acrylic sealant, and finally gave them a nice ribbon to hang with!

If you don't want to buy many extra supplies, you could make some simple ornaments by cutting shapes out of watercolor paper and punching a hole for a string or those metal ornament hangers! I hope you enjoyed this holiday season idea or it sparks some creativity for you. Enjoy, painters, and remember to use this link to receive a discount on your first Waves of Expression purchase.

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