Bookmarks! Quick Painting, Great Gift - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Bookmarks! Quick Painting, Great Gift - from guest blogger Heidi Stephens

Happy Fall, Painters! It was definitely Fall the last couple of times I posted, but the change of seasons slipped my mind because in my area of the US there has only just started to be a chill in the air. However the temperature in your area of the world, I think it’s always a good season for painting! 

I have always been a life-long arts & crafts enthusiast because you can do it in almost any weather condition. Being crafty, I am always thinking about things in life I can make myself rather than buy. Not only does my wallet thank me, but I also can add my personal style and see my art in all areas of my life, not only hanging on the walls.

Since I am also an avid reader, one of my favorite things to DIY is bookmarks! Bookmarks are a great way to have a small piece of “mobile” art and they make a great gift for the readers in your life as well. So today I will show you how I make my bookmarks and some great designs using Smiling Hippo watercolors that you can use to make your own bookmarks for yourself or to give to a loved one!

I have templates of my favorite designs to streamline my process!

After a while of making my bookmarks, I searched for clear sleeves to protect the art and paper during use. A lot of the ones I found are 8x2.5 inches, so that’s what I started cutting my paper size to! If you don’t like the look of that size, of course you are free to make whatever size bookmark you like.

Now to pick a topic you want on your bookmark. Some of my favorites are 1) floral wreaths with quotes about books, by famous authors, or from my favorite books, 2) nature scenes like land-, sea-, or skyscapes, and you can really show off your love of books by painting on your bookmark 3) a stack of books!

Smiling Hippo watercolors really add a little something extra to these bookmarks! I hope this painting idea helped you try something new today or gave you a great gift idea for the upcoming Holidays. Keep creating, and if you need some new watercolors, you can use this referral link for a discount!

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