Painting in Coloring Books - from guest blogger Diana Perez

Painting in Coloring Books - from guest blogger Diana Perez

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a new blog post on how you can use Smiling Hippo glitter watercolors. Today’s blog post features art from me and my sister, as we show yet another way in which you can use glitter watercolors. Today’s blog will be especially interesting to people who are watercolor beginners, adults who love coloring books, children who love coloring books, or simply anyone who feels like painting without the extra work of coming up with an idea, sketching it out, and so forth. So if you fit any of these categories keep on reading! 

If you’ve never used watercolors before but you’ve been wanting to try them out, then I suggest grabbing a coloring book or printing out a coloring sheet for you to paint on. Using a coloring book or a coloring sheet is a great way for beginners to experiment with watercolors because the pre-drawn images remove some of the pressure of “messing up” a painting. Since most people have experience with coloring books, they know that all they have to do is color within the lines. Similarly, all you have to do here is paint within the lines. With a coloring page you don’t have to worry about how to paint something in a new medium, all you have to do is paint and familiarize yourself with the new product. Then you can move on to creating your own original designs.



Coloring pages are also great for people that don’t feel confident in their drawing abilities but would still like to create art. Art is a relaxing pastime for many and I believe that coloring pages are a great way to get your daily dose of art in even if you don’t feel particularly skilled in drawing. All you have to do is pick out a coloring book or a coloring page with a design you like and start painting. Remember, coloring pages aren’t just limited to crayons and colored pencils! 

    Coloring pages are also wonderful for when you simply want to destress and do some art. It can be therapeutic to sit down with a coloring page and fill in all the empty spaces. Especially when you have beautiful glittery watercolors. 

So next time you feel like painting but don’t know what to paint, grab a coloring book and some Smiling Hippo paints. You’ll find many beautiful pages ready to be painted in gorgeous glittery and shimmery watercolors just like the ones my sister and I used for our paintings. And if you don’t have any Smiling Hippo glitter watercolors yet don’t forget to use my link for $5 off your first purchase!:  The Smiling Hippo. I hope this blog gave you some ideas for how to use glitter watercolors. Until next time! 

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