Valentine’s Day Card - From guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

Valentine’s Day Card - From guest blogger McKenzie Hilscher

I stumbled upon this set of cookie cutters in the Target Dollar Spot…I was immediately thrilled to recreate a post that I often see on TikTok and Instagram Reels with The Smiling Hippo watercolors! 

What you will need:

-A Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

-TheSmilingHippo Watercolor Paints (any color you fancy)

-Paintbrushes (I found the thicker/wider the better for this craft)

-An evenly folded (Hamburger Style) piece of Watercolor Paper

-Paper Towel

-A cup of clean water


How to do it:

  1. For my first variation, I painted JUST the rim of the cookie cutter! I wanted both an “outline look”, as well as something a tad different than all the other posts I had seen! This took some practice, but I inevitably just went with the flow for some of the cards that I made!
  1. I then used the cookie cutter as a stamp, and pressed firmly on the cookie cutter onto the paper, in some instances I tapped it to make sure the paint went onto the card.
  2. Overall, those are the two steps I repeated on the card! BUT…for added “fanciness”, I wanted to give my cards a “splattered” look, especially because the glitter and metallic colors from TheSmilingHippo allowed me to add some sparkle to the card.
  3. I wrote “Happy Valentines Day” on the cards at the very end with a Sharpie marker, but do whatever feels like YOU!


How to do it:

  1. Once again, I outlined the edge of the Target cookie cutter with TheSmilingHippowater colors, this time I used the new Honey Base in purple color!

  1. Press the cookie cutter onto the paper, hold it firmly and feel free to apply firm tapping to the cookie cutter to make sure the paint is on the paper. 

  1. Using the natural outline of the cookie cutter shape put onto the paper, I used extra paint to fill in the inside of the heart.

  1. I layered the gold color from my Flower Pallet on top of the first heart using the first three steps.
  1. Layer to your HEART's content (haha, get it?)
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