Painting Mushrooms - from guest blogger Diana Perez

Painting Mushrooms - from guest blogger Diana Perez

Hello everyone! I’m back again with another blog post for the Smiling Hippo. This post is a bit special for me though because it’s the last post I'll be writing as a Smiling Hippo brand ambassador. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading and painting along with me during these past 3 months as much as I've enjoyed writing these blog posts. This has truly been a wonderful experience. Now onto today's post! 

As summer comes to an end, fall slowly starts to creep in. And one thing that is often seen during the fall is mushrooms! Mushrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors so they're a perfect way to display Smiling Hippo watercolors. 

To start off, I first searched for pictures of colorful mushrooms. Once I found a few images that I liked, I started sketching out the mushrooms. For my painting, I drew 11 types of mushrooms. There’s so much variety it can be hard to pick just a few!

After I drew out the mushrooms I began to paint. If you decide to paint mushrooms I recommend you bring out all your watercolor paints because you’ll find yourself using many of the different colors. Glitter, metallic, and glow in the dark paints all work wonderfully when painting mushrooms. I also recommend mixing colors with each other to create unique shades. 

For my painting I used both glitter and metallic paints. I highly recommend Smiling Hippo paints as they all shimmer beautifully and the glitter shines through when you look at your painting from different angles. 

So there you have it, another painting idea that works great with glitter watercolors! I hope that you enjoy fall and all the mushrooms that come with it. I also hope that you've enjoyed creating art with me and the Smiling Hippo. It's been a great time. Take care! 

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